Clear Light Diffuser Greenhouse

The specificity of this film is extremely advantageous for a variety of crops. The greenhouse efficiency can be improved with this special film. Besides the anti UV treatment, that ensures durability and resistance, this film made with raw low density polyethylene has a special benefit: it is light diffuser.

Understanding the sun position difference

Depending on the year season we have a variation on the sun position. To see it, just notice the difference on the place in the horizon where the sun rises in the winter and in the summer. The unique days when the sun goes perfectly from east to west are on the equinoxes (spring and vernal).

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    Greenhouse film with anti UV treatment and special characteristic: The light when in contact with this film is spread over the greenhouse, ensuring superior results on crops.

    Light diffusion
    As the sun goes on its route, it falls on different spots on the greenhouse – according to the time and year period. The Negreira film with this light diffusion property balances the luminosity and spreads it over the greenhouse. This characteristic guarantees higher light intensity for all day, and better distribution for all plants.

    Greenhouse presentation


    Width Lengths Thickness
    4m 100m 100 or 150µ
    4m 200m 75µ
    8m 105m 100 or 150µ
    7,6m 105m 150µ
    6m 100m 100µ
    8m 55m 100 or 150µ

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