All Negreira products can also be found in the biodegradable version. The process is made with a compostable powdered resin fatty acid based (made from palm coconut oil), rare earth elements, and lubricants, that turn naphtha derivatives (polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, polystyrene and other polymers) into biodegradable products.


P-Life, the organic active used in the resin, is the first and unique biodegradable in the world certified by the SP Technical Research, that fulfills the norm ASTM D 6954-4 with international certificates (with sworn translation). The organic active P-Life ingredients are registered in the FD under Rohs directive. Certified by Technical Research Institute of Sweden, number SC 064610 (exposure and test of plastics that are decomposed in the environment by a combination of oxidation and bio-degradation, since they are disposed at the proper environment).

To learn more about this additive, please refer to the technical documents.


The resin fosters the polymer chain scission of the plastic by oxidation through the oxygen atom, in an endothermic chemical reaction within rare earth elements and fatty acid, favoring  the microorganisms proliferation on the micro fractionated plates that were additivated with the resin.

The microorganisms anaerobic biological action with other agents results in water, carbon gas and biomass.


The Go Green P-Life resin just starts the degradation process (oxidation, degradation and biodegradation) when disposed at the environment. The process does not happen in the extrusion, blow molding nor injection, but after its disposal and by weathering (UV light, heat, moisture). This product use results in benefits for you company and for the planet! It is the ideal solution to reduce  the environmental impact caused by your business. Contact and learn more, our attendants are looking forward for your contact, the future starts today!

Compostable Certificate SP (Science Partner) PLife

Compostable Certificate SP (Science Partner) Plife – English

Biodegradability Certificate SP (Science Partner) PLife

Biodegradability Certificate SP (Science Partner) Plife – Engish


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