Specialized on Plastic Sheeting and Agricultural Films manufacturing, Negreria was founded in 1995 and is privileged located at Arujá Industrial Complex in São Paulo. Combining personalized costumer assistance and high quality, the company is dedicated to provide materials in Brazil and overseas.

The focus on evolution, and employees, clients and partners respect is kept in all process, what ensure continuous development on the solutions that serve different market areas such as civil construction, agricultural, livestock, industrial, among others.


Our Vision

To be the biggest plastic sheeting and agricultural films producer of the national market.


Our Mission

To seek high notability technology and products, work accordingly the descriptions and functions, meet the goals set, develop clients and employees in all national territory.


Core Values:

  • To preserve family and people
  • Environment protection
  • Honesty
  • Discrimination and prejudice intolerance
  • Focus on products quality
  • Customized costumer assistance
  • Responsible natural resources management

Our Factory

Continuous quality improvement

To ensure materials that meet 100% our clients needs is Negreira focus. On production, the quality can be noticed since the raw material choice until the product completion. Our Quality Police is clear ensuring the complete and customized customer assistance through all our channels, even by telephone, face to face (our representatives), or online.

National Referee

Negreira was honored and received the “Selo Referência Nacional & Qualidade Empresarial” (National Referee Cerification and Business Quality) by ANCEC – Agência Nacional de Cultura, Empreendedorismo e Comunicação (National Agency of Culture, Entrepreneur and Communication). This was a recognition of all employees, suppliers and commercial partners effort in these 26 years of history.

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