About us

Plastic sheeting and agricultural films factory

Specialized on Plastic Sheeting and Agricultural Films manufacturing, Negreria was founded in 1995 and it is privileged located at Arujá Industrial Complex in São Paulo. Combining personalized costumer assistance and  high quality, the company is dedicated to provide materials in Brazil and overseas.

Be a Sales Representative or Retailer

To ensure the product distribution with Negreira quality, we have dealers all over the country!


Plastic sheeting

Negreira plastic sheeting is produced with low density polyethylene, it prioritizes aspects like the rational material use and sustainability.



Owning the “Agrofilm” term, Negreria is a referee in the agricultural sector. The agricultural plastic use brings uncountable benefits for the costumer, such as production increase, other supplies use decrease, protection and better quality products. Learn more about our agricultural line and choose the best option for your business growth!


Industrial Plastics

Our industrial plastics meet your needs. When ordered, they are produced on your measures and customization.



For packaging, you can count on Negreira special products. Strech films for organization and control of storage and logistics, as well as bubble wrap for more sensitive objects that need higher protection, both on packaging or transportation.

Negreria is a 100% national company that entirely meets each segment criteria, with latest generation equipment to ensure the products total quality.

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