Black Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting made with low density polyethylene, from recycled sources, it has quality and satisfaction ensured by Negreira. Its material has low cost e many applications, learn more:

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Its use varies according with the specific need. The black plastic sheeting can be used in, for example:

  • Protection in case of renovation or painting;
  • Maintenance and protection for sand or cement at building sites;
  • Can be used on different machines;
  • For ground sealing;
  • For industrial floors.


Width Lengths Thickness
2m 100m 70 to 200µ
3m 100m 50 to 200µ
4m 100m 50 to 200µ
4m 50m 70 to 200µ
5m 100m 70 to 200µ
6m 100m 50 to 200µ
6m 50m 70 to 200µ
8m 100m 50 to 200µ
8m 50m 70 to 200µ