Clear Greenhouse Anti UV

Film made with low density polyethylene used in crops that require high light intensity. Produced under our high quality standard, our film has an excellent scratch and impact resistance and also great durability, ensured by the additives used in the material. Plastic films are, in general, very sensitive to sulfur and halogens material derived, for this reason, to apply pesticides (insecticides, herbicides and fungicides) carefully is important.

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The Negreira greenhouse film have high quality, that is required for an advantageous utilization. The climate control is efficient, and its anti UV characteristic ensures its durability.
The greenhouse main goal is to control the inside micro clime. On its construction, are basically used iron and film. The film for greenhouses help to maintain the heat and humidity, to accelerate the seedling time production and to protect them from weather conditions damages.

Designed for crops that require high light intensity these film are highly important to secure quality and crop yield.

Greenhouses presentation

Medidas e Espessuras

Width Lengths Thickness
4m 100m 100 or 150µ
4m 200m 75µ
8m 105m 100 or 150µ
7,6m 105m 150µ
6m 100m 100µ
8m 55m 100 or 150µ